LOL K: Tidal Claims The Life of Pablo Was Streamed 250 million Times in 10 Days

Okay, so I might get down on Kanye West quite a bit for being a pretentious, narcissistic dickhead (with a horrible fashion line and the ugliest Adidas ever); but I am one of THE biggest Stans for his music, and I will defend Yeezus like he’s my Savior. Can we pump the breaks for just a minutes on this claim, though?

Tidal, who just recently surpassed 3 million users, wants us to believe that each person streamed The Life of Pablo an average of 80 times in just 10 days? If they streamed the album beginning-to-end, that’s 80 hours out of a possible 240. I lOVE ‘TLoP’, and I truly believe it’s the best album of the year thus far, but even I couldn’t listen to it for literally ⅓ of my time in a ten-day stretch.

I’ll update this post as more info becomes available, if it does. But it’s hard for me to imagine that a “stream” is listening to the album from beginning to end. They have to be cheating and counting single-song plays, or skips after a few seconds. Jay’s gotta make that money back somehow.