New Kanye Track: ‘Saint Pablo’ Leaks Online

Just hours before The Life of Pablo finally ditched its Tidal exclusivity for other streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, the first leaked track, “Saint Pablo,” from Kanye West’s upcoming album Turbo Grafx 16, hit the internet. Kanye previously performed this song during a promotional set in Los Angeles last month, but this is the first peak at the studio version, featuring Sampha.

West tackles numerous recent events, including his twitter beefs with Wiz Khalifa and Bob Ezrin, his disjointed rantings and oversharing on twitter, and his SNL meltdown backstage. In typical Yeezus fashion, Kanye tackles the drama and issues head on, rapping “I’m not out of control, just not in their control. I know I’m the most influential, that TIME cover was just confirmation. This generation’s closest thing to Einstein…” He also addresses being so vocal on Twitter, saying, “People try to say I’m going crazy on Twitter. My friends’ best advice was to stay low…” Then touches on his financial struggles; “My wife said, ‘I can’t say no to nobody and at this rate we gon’ both die broke.’ Got friends that ask me for money, knowin’ I’m in debt. And like my wife said, I still didn’t say ‘no.’”

This is a fairly personal track from Kanye, who seems to really get a lot off his chest in the nearly seven minute journey, as Sampha really keeps the song flowing with deep, meaningly vocals. If this is a sign of things to come, TG16 is going to be great. Check out the track below, and hit the comments with your thoughts!