Curt Schilling Continues to Prove He’s a Real Asshole

Former World Series MVP and current ESPN personality, Curt Schilling, is in hot water once again for another insensitive opinion. The 49-year old analyst shared a bigoted, closed-minded and anti-transgender/pro-HB2 meme on Facebook sometime yesterday (which has since been deleted).


The meme was met with outrage across social media (I mean, obviously there was gonna be backlash, Curt!), with many calling for his job and pointing out how harmful posts like this can be.

This isn’t remotely the first time Schilling has posted controversial (see: awful) comments on Facebook. Let’s not forget that time last August when ESPN suspended him for comparing Muslims to Nazis. It doesn’t stop on social media for good ol’ Curtis though, oh heavens no! When he’s not being outwardly bigoted and racist, he’s quietly
defrauding the state of Rhode Island out of $75 million.


Let’s face it; Schilling is a racist, sexist, stupid pile of trash, and deserves to be fired by ESPN. I would spend time stumping for such a result, but if they’ll kick Bill Simmons out and only suspend Schilling when he’s racist, all hope is lost for that joke of a network to do the right thing.