Blue Apron Review

**DISCLAIMER: Blue Apron is an advertising partner and sponsor for Sky Cloth Media and its productions, and they sent us this box to review free of charge. However, they have encouraged an open and honest review, and insisted that we stress that we are NOT being compensated for our opinion.
Okay, with that out of the way, if what you read and see in this post interests you, click here to check out Blue Apron and get your first box on us when you use Promo Code ‘EVERGREEN’.

First Impressions

  • The ordering process was a breeze, making it quick and easy to notate which foods or ingredients we were allergic too (or just don’t like), then select three of six available meals, and set a delivery day of Thursday or Friday.
  • Our first box arrived bright and early on our requested day, and I was immediately impressed by it’s generally small and compact size.
    • The box is completely sealed, with a thick, heavy-duty insulated layer surrounding the inside, as well as huge ice packs to keep the meat fresh.
    • All of the ingredients are individually packaged and sealed, with easy to read labels – and the condiments/seasonings/little extras for each meal are all together in a small, labeled bag.
    • Large, laminated, color-coded cards describe the meal and list all of the required ingredients and their serving size on one side (with pictures!) and have an easy-to-follow checklist for preparation and cooking on the reverse side.
  • It was noticeable how fresh the ingredients were, you could smell the scallions and garlic right through the sealed packaging.


Meal No. 1: Schitake Mushroom Burgers with Miso Mayonnaise & Roasted Sweet Potato

**Right off the bat, it should be noted that my girlfriend (my main guinea pig) and I LOATHE mushrooms of any sort, so we did alter this recipe a little by removing them from the equation**


  • The Good
    • It took less than five minutes to locate all of the required ingredients listed on the card, gather them together, open all of the packaging, and wash the produce.
    • Following the instructions was seriously so simple. Given, I chef it up regularly, but even the most novice of cooks could get the job done easily with the provided guide.
    • Going back to freshness, the garlic and scallions were seriously so fresh they had my eyes watering, and the sweet potato was just at the perfect point for consumption.
    • Despite not liking mayo, i decided to give the miso-mayo a chance and it really was worth it! Combined with the delicious mix of scallions, garlic, salt, pepper, and Hoisin sauce right in the burger meat, it had a noticeably and delicious asian-inspired taste.


  • Could Use Improvement
    • 450 degrees for 16 minutes was WAY too high to cook the sweet potatoes at, they started to burn about 14 minutes in. They definitely would’ve cooked better at 375 or so.
    • The Hoisin sauce made it hard for the beef patties to stay together, which caused some crumbling and loss on the grill (this is admittedly probably my fault, as the instructions said to cook in a frying pan, not on the grill).


  • Final Thoughts

This was a great first meal to get our feet wet with Blue Apron. The burger was delicious, and the asian twist was a welcome departure from the norm. I’m not big on sweet potatoes, but the girlfriend said they were great as well! Aside from the grill and oven-temp mishaps, the meal went over perfectly, tasted great, and was super easy to prepare!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.



Meal No. 2: Seared Chicken & French Lentils with Arugula & Feta Salad


  • The Good
    • This one was way more complex than the burger, and it’s easy to see how any kitchen novice could feel like a big league chef after preparing this dish.
    • From the quality of all the ingredients, to the complexity of the flavor combinations, this meal was perfectly paired by whatever powers that be at Blue Apron.
    • The chicken breasts had very little fat and an abundance of juicy, tasty skin.


  • Could Use Improvement
    • My only gripes at all with this setup are so trivial they are hardly even worth mentioning. However, just to be thorough, here you go:
      • The chicken breasts were pretty noticeably different sizes. I know it’s crazy hard to control something like that, but it was a bit frustrating when portioning for just two people.
      • Something other than radishes would’ve been ideal in the salad, but only because I dislike them.


  • Final Thoughts

With meal number three still on deck as of this writing, I have very little hesitation saying this was our favorite of the three. So high end for a fraction of the cost, and prepped/cooked in less than 30 minutes is hard to beat.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars