Jerky Snob Review

**I’m not really into write ups, so I’m going to keep it pretty simple.**

Being an Amazon Prime junky, I’m used to the two-day gratification of my online shopping obsessions. Jerky Snob is a subscription, and I ordered off cycle. By the time it arrived, I’d almost forgotten, and it felt like Christmas!

I went for the two-flavor option. In this shipment was Dried and True – Original and People’s Choice Beef Jerky – Carne Seca Limón Con Chile. Both packages boast “All natural, gluten free, no preservatives, nothing artificial.” Both were made right here in southern California. I’m already looking forward to my next shipment!

Being a Ketogenic eater, I hit the nutrition facts before tasting.

Dried and True – Original (2oz net weight)

This one was a lean option, at only 2g of fat & 14g protein, but 7g carbs per 1oz serving! For an original flavored jerky, that seemed high, until I read the seasoning included sugar and Pineapple juice. I’ll taste it, but this one’s for the family.

This jerky had a great quality beefy flavor. The texture was tender, not overly dry or stringy. The seasoning was a bit heavy handed for an “original” style jerky, leaning well into smoked and peppered varieties I’m used to. However, they do state they are looking to “change people’s perception of what jerky should taste like.”

  • The high quality beef is obvious
  • Tender prep with full flavor
  • None of the sweetness in exchange for those 7g of carbs.
  • A bit heavy peppered, which I like in a “peppered” flavored jerky. Not an original.


People’s Choice – Carne Seca Limón Con Chile

The nutrition on this bad boy was exciting. With 2.5g fat and 16g of protein, with 0 carbs per 1oz serving, I was free to dig right in. The ingredients were simple: beef, seasoning, lemon concentrate.

When I opened the bag there was a smoky aroma right away. The visual was even better! Have you ever grabbed the first big piece of jerky from a bag to find there are only beef crumbs and that was the only real piece in the package? Not this time! These were sliced evenly and I didn’t notice any crumble. I pulled out the first perfectly cut strip and could see the chile and spices all over the meat. I bit in and noticed it was a little on the dry side, but my mouth watered so much at the bright limón & chile flavors that thought was over. The meat was soft, easy to bite through, and tender to chew. This was great jerky!

  • No carb
  • The smell right away; it’s like beef jerky foreplay!
  • Very unique flavor
  • Perfectly cut strips
  • Tender, high quality beef
  • A little dry on the first bite