Sky Cloth Needs Your Help!

Sky Cloth Media and Politically incorWRECKED have grown much faster (thankfully) than we could’ve possibly anticipated, but now we need help to keep things running smoothly!  With Geek’d and The Ultimate Red Pill FINALLY about to launch, the site is already in need of upgrades in multiple areas to make room for the likely large influx of new listeners and interactions.

We need to accomplish three major upgrades to keep things running smoothly and functionally:

  1. Upgrade the site’s storage capacity so we don’t have to start deleting and losing old content.
  2. Upgrade the server capacity and bandwidth to increase site functionality and to account for more traffic.
  3. Renew, upgrade, and enhance SSL certificates for better/higher-level protection, as well as activate backup service in the case of a catastrophic attack.

We just need to raise $250 to cover these expenses and keep things running smoothly through the next 18 months, or hopefully longer. Normally I wouldn’t reach out like this, but we funded everything in-house to get off the ground and that’s not an option this time around. Additionally, we’ve had great success with our advertising partners, but they have strict limits on funding release that makes it difficult to easily, or frequently, access our money.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, from the bottom of our hearts! If you’d like to help, you can make a one-time donation via, or check out or Patreon Campaign for recurring monthly donations. Thank you for your continued support!