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I started the Ketogenic way of eating (really strictly, sticking to it) on March 28th of this year. Only about eight weeks in, and I’m down 21 lbs. More importantly, my energy is WAY up, my clothes fit better, I sleep better, and my hair and skin look healthier. The hardest part though? Finding Keto-friendly foods that fit my busy lifestyle. I’m a mom on the go! I work 50 hours a week, I am in the PTA, sit on the board of directors for a charity, and  still occasionally like to do something fun to try and remember I’m an adult. For these reasons, finding snack options that fit the eating plan is essential.

I first learned of Keto Krate watching a Ketogenic YouTuber I follow (Big shout out to Ashley Mann). I was amazed at the number and variety of options it included, so I had to try it for myself. Keto Krate promises all snacks are Aspartame free, Malitol Free, and Soy & Sucralose conscious. These are key if they are going to be in my pantry. No harmful chemicals and very limited amounts of soy are essential, as not only am I consuming them, but my family has access to the snacks in the cupboard as well. Additionally, the Keto Krate is always Gluten Free, and perfect for anyone with gluten sensitivities. The Keto Krate also includes inserts with full descriptions of each product, as well and coupon codes and recipes that look delicious!

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Inside my first shipment (May box):

Quest Nutrition – Cereal Protein Bar, Waffle Flavored (

Fat 4.5g, Protein 12g, Net Carbs 3g

As soon as I opened the package, I could smell buttery, syrup-y sweetness! Keto-ers are no strangers to Quest bars. These are some of the only “meal replacement” protein bars that are Keto friendly, as they use the natural sweeteners that fit the lifestyle. This bar was different, though. The bar was about the size of a granola bar, but the texture was like that of a crispy rice treat. The flavor was just like homemade, buttered, maple syrup pancakes. Wickedly sweet, this treat is sweetened with Allulose. New to the market, Allulose is a natural sweetener that gives the same texture as sugar without the negative side effects of many of the chemical substitutes. If you are looking to replace the cereal bars in the morning, this is the answer for you!


Vermont Smoke & Cure – Cracked Pepper Beef and Pork Stick (

Fat 6g, Protein 6g, Net Carbs 0g

“Not another meat stick” is what you’re thinking, right? Wrong! This blend of beef and pork is chemical sodium nitrate free, made from meat raised without antibiotics or hormones. The texture of the stick was chewy, not mushy like the other slim sticks that come to mind. The flavor was lighter and of real meat, without the greasy mouth feel. The saltiness of cured meat was present, but not overwhelming. While this was a Cracked Pepper flavored snack, it tasted much more of a lighter, white pepper. The price point is more than worth it for the real meat taste and quality ingredients.


Living Intentions – Smokey BBQ Seeds (

Fat 13g, Protein 6g, Net Carbs 3

I had heard so much about sprouted seeds, but had yet to have the time to seek them out, when pumpkin & sunflower seeds are so readily available on the go. I was glad to see them arrive so I could give them a chance. These are seasoned with extracts of Turmeric, Ashwagandha & Holy Basil. When I opened the bag I could smell the smokiness right away. The seed were well coated in the spices and my mouth was already watering. The flavor was light and complimented the nutty taste of the seeds well. While more of a roasted tomato taste than a BBQ, there was still a bit of spice to them. BONUS: These are high in Magnesium, which is a key electrolyte all Keto-ers watch for!


Rhythm Super Foods – Roasted Kale, Smokey Bacon (

Fat 4.5g, Protein 2g, Net Carbs 1g

I read the package and immediately got an attitude. Don’t you ever hand me kale and try to convince me it tastes like bacon! I’ve been in California long enough to have tried every possible kale variation… Right? Surprisingly, these roasted kale strips were edible. Better than that, I went back for a second taste! Instead of the sad, wrinkled up, fake kale chips I’ve been served so many times before, these were full leaves of dried lacinato kale. Prepared flat leaf style, and seasoned well, the aroma was just like opening a bag of BBQ potato chips. They were crispy, salty and loaded with flavor. There was no green after taste, which is usually associated with kale snacks. The texture was very crumbly, and almost melted on the tongue. Not safe to eat in the car, or at the desk, the leaves are very crumbly and dusty to handle. I’d say they are a perfect ballpark snack, if you’re brave enough to pull out a bag of kale chips at a ball game. These are a vegan product (no actual bacon was used in the making of these leaf chips), but I’m not sure Vegan & Keto mix.


People’s Choice Beef Jerky – Carne Seca Limon Con Chile (

Fat 2.5g, Protein 16g, Net Carbs 0g

I had recently tried this same jerky through another partner, Jerky Snob. I loved it the first time and was THRILLED to see it in my Keto Krate.  This jerky is full of bright citrus and chile flavor. The aroma hits the nose as soon as the seal on the bag is broken. While is seems a little dry at first, the mouthwatering effect of the well-seasoned beef remedies any concern. The strips of quality beef hold their integrity through shipping and even through my own handing. The spices can be seen on each individual piece, and the flavor perfectly distributed. The meat was soft, easy to bite through, and tender to chew. This is great jerky!


Adapt Your Life – Grain Free Cereal (

Fat 10g, Protein 11g, Net Carbs 2

This powdered protein cereal replacement is meant to be served either hot, cold, or as a smoothie/shake. The ingredient list is simple and all Keto friendly. For the sake of this review, I only stirred some into cold water to taste. I don’t recommend trying it this way. There is no flavor to it, which makes it perfect for creating a hot breakfast cereal with your own added ingredients, or a smoothie/shake by throwing some berries, yogurt and ice in a blender. On its own, the nut powders and coconut flakes in the mix do not dissolve, so the water was cloudy and had a grainy texture. The Macros are great though, so I have every intention of making myself a breakfast shake. On the plus side, the lack of flavor means no protein powder chalkiness or gross aftertaste. This may be the products true claim to fame. We’ve all been looking for a flavorless source of drinkable protein, and this is that. There are cookie, pancake and cereal recipes in the box that will be making as well. Watch for those pictures soon!


Smart Bake – Smart Cake Cinnamon (

Fat 2.5g, Protein 4g, Net Carbs 0g

You read that right, cinnamon cake for 0g net carbs. I know, I assumed it must be dry, gritty and disastrous. I was way off. These are individually cupped, little coffee cakes. And they were delivered directly from Heaven to my address in the Keto Krate box. The tops have that crystallized sugar look we expect from a cinnamon snack cake. The flavor was sweet and delightful. They must have been dry and impossible to swallow, right? WRONG! The cake was moist and soft, but slightly dense like homemade. These little cakes were the perfect answer for those that struggle with late night dessert cravings. Order them, and do it now before I clean the company out of stock.


All in all, Keto Krate is a great monthly subscription box. I’m receiving 5-6 Keto friendly snacks I wouldn’t have tried otherwise, as well as coupons and tips I can’t get elsewhere. The May box was sold out before mine even shipped, so get yours ordered early!


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  1. Great review lady and thank you so much for the link. You’re simply the best! So glad you liked Keto Krate. Those little cinnamon cakes were truly to die for.


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