June Keto Krate Review

This is my second month as a Keto Krate subscriber. May’s box was so good, I decided to gift a good friend a subscription starting in June as well. Keto Krate promises all snacks are Maltitol and Gluten Free, plus Soy & Sucralose conscious. These are all essential rules on the ketogenic way of eating.  After having a great experience with my first month’s box, I was ready to dig right in!

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Inside My June Krate:

Foods Alive – Flax Crackers, Onion & Garlic flavor (FoodsAlive.com)

Fat 9g, Protein 5g, Net Carbs 3g

I had come across many recipes for Flackers (flax crackers) since starting on keto. I was very excited to try some ready-made. The crackers are thin enough to provide a satisfying cruch, but solid and sturdy enough for topping with cheese or dipping. The Onion & Garlic flavor is savory and delicious! These are a great substitute for chip cravings or on a party plater to replace carb rich crackers.


La Croix – Melon Pomelo (LaCroixWater.com)

Fat 0g, Protein 0g, Net Carbs 0g

Most of us have heard of La Croix by now. I quit drinking soda about 10 years ago, but I still love a sparkling mineral water. I’d tried a few flavors of La Croix, grapefruit being my favorite, but this one was new to me. A really refreshing blend of sweet cantaloupe & bright pink grapefruit, this drink is guilt free and hits the spot!


The New Primal – Uncured Bacon Stick (TheNewPrimal.com)

Fat 8g, Protein 6g, Net Carbs 2g

That’s right folks, another meat stick. This time though, we have a Ketoer’s buzzword… BACON! The 2g of carbs threw me off a bit, until I read the ingredients. Honey and Maple Syrup are listed. They are very present in the taste, too. The stick had a good, solid chew to it, but that sweet meat flavor was hard to get past. I really like the quality of this meat stick, and the macros were on point, so I’ll be ordering other varieties to try.


Quest – Cereal Protein Bar, Cinnamon Roll (QuestNutrition.com)

Fat 4.5g, Protein 12g, Net Carbs 2g

If you read my May Krate review, this may sound familiar. The waffle flavored bar was delivered last month. Check out that review as well. Unfortunately, this bar didn’t quite live up to the first one. It was very cinnamon-y, but tasted more like French toast than cinnamon rolls. This bar seemed much sweeter, almost too sweet. However, the good, chewy, granola bar type texture was there. The macros are definitely more in line with a high protein WoE, but the carbs are right. The bars use Allulose as a sweetener, instead of some of the more familiar substitutes.


Everly – Strawberry Lemonade (GoEverly.com)

Fat 0g, Protein 0g, Net Carbs 0g

Long before going keto, I quit drinking sweet drinks. No sodas, no juices, nothing. However, some strawberry lemonade seemed right on time, as it’s been 100 degrees out this week. I mixed up a pitcher (each box comes with enough mixes for 3 – 2qt pitchers) and poured some over ice. Imortant note, the mixing took a while, as the powdered drink mix would not dissolve. The drink is definitely sweet, and a bit strawberry flavored, but they forgot the lemon! Too sweet for me, but my son also tried it and really liked it. This may be a great alternative to a pitcher of those other sugar filled, powdered drinks this summer.


Keto Kookie – Chocolate Chip (KetoKookie.com)

Fat 8g, Protein 6g, Net Carbs 3

I had heard so much praise for these cookies, but had yet to try them for myself. I was missing out! These cookies have both the taste and texture of homemade, full sugar/carb cookies. The macros are ON POINT for 2 cookies per serving. The ingredients list reads like a keto keywords rollcall: Almond flour, Erythritol, Monkfruit, MCT oil and more. If you haven’t tried Keto Kookies yet, do it now. These are the best substitute available by far!


Good Dee’s – Blondies Mix (GoodDees.com)

Fat 1.5g, Protein g, Net Carbs 1g

Who doesn’t love a fresh baked blondie? When I saw this mix I had an “Oh Yeah!” moment. Good Dee’s is guten free, wheat free, soy free & sugar free. They also use sunflower seed bases in order to stay nut free. There are almost no allergy concerns with this company’s baking mixes. I whipped up a batch, using coconut oil, eggs and a splash of vanilla extract. They required a few minutes more baking time to set up in the center of the pan, but that’s no big deal. Just keep on eye on the baking time. The flavor came out very coconut-y, but I don’t mind the taste. They blondies don’t rise up into a cake like texture, but stay a denser, very moist brownie type consistency. Warmed up and topped with some keto friendly heavy whipped cream would make a perfect dessert!

Once again, I’m very pleased with my KetoKrate and look forward to next month’s shipment!

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